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Yannups Terms and Conditions.

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as they contain important information about your obligations and rights when using yannups.com ("this website"). A reference to “you" or "your" is a reference to a user of this site and/or our services.

Important notice: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). yannups.com complies to GDPR. Your data and its security is paramount to us. To delete your data just simply email us at delete.account@yannups.com and we will delete your data within 24hrs.

1.1 By accessing www.yannups.com, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not use this site.
1.2 We recommend that you scan or print these terms and conditions. They are a legally binding agreement between you and us.
1.3 Yannups reserves the right to update and/or amend these terms and conditions at any time, without notice and the latest version of these terms and conditions will prevail.

Intellectual property rights.

2.1 The copyright and all intellectual property rights belong to Yannups Ltd. All rights are reserved.
2.2 You may download information from this site for the sole purpose of evaluating real estate published on this site. You may not commercially republish images, data, code or other copyrighted material on this site without prior written consent.
2.3 Yannups are not real estate agents. Information published on this site is done so by estate agents, private vendors, developers and/or businesses or individuals who have been instructed by vendors to act for them. We do not verify the accuracy of this information and therefore we give no warranties or representation to the information supplied by third parties whatsoever. We strongly recommend you seek professional advice if you wish to purchase any of the properties listed on www.yannups.com
2.4 We may from time to time advertise third parties websites and/or links. We have no control over the contents of these sites and therefore are unable to give any warranty or recommendations to third party advertising. If you choose to access and take action on any one of the links published on www.yannups.com you do so at your own risk.

Your obligation and conduct.

3.1 You may not, under any circumstances, use any automated programs, web crawlers or spiders to access our system or site, apart from links to our home page. We reserve the right to terminate any links without notice and without giving a reason.
3.2 You must not misuse or attempt to misuse this site.
3.3 You must not upload offensive images, language, statements, inflammatory remarks, inappropriate religious statements, offensive, hateful, immoral, or obscene material or solicit any commercial services on this site. We reserve the right of such actions to be dealt with through our solicitors without notice and without delay.
3.4 You understand and accept sole responsibility for ensuring your computer system meets all relevant technical specification necessary to use www.yannups.com. Yannups will not accept any responsibility for problems or issues relating to equipment used to access this site.


4.1 The views expressed and information supplied on this site do not represent our views or values.
4.2 The content uploaded on our site must be accurate, to the best of your knowledge, and you should have all the necessary permissions to use the photographs, floor plans and other information.
4.3 We have the right to disclose to law enforcement agencies or local authorities and/or any third party who claims or alleges that content downloaded by you to our site is illegal or breaches legal rights.
4.4 We will determine at our discretion and without consultation what action maybe appropriate in a breach of our terms and conditions. This may include temporary, immediate or permanent removal of your listing, suspension of your account and/or further legal action against you.
4.5 We reserve the right to remove any content that you upload to our site at any time, without notice, and without giving a reason.
4.6 We reserve the right to bar users from our site at our discretion. We will notify you if we take this action and you must not use our site under another name, email address or third party.


5.1 The information contained on our site is for general information only and does not contain nor constitute specific advice.
5.2 No warranty or guarantee that this site or information given within conforms with laws in your territory.
5.3 We make no warranty that the property information on this site is correct.
5.4 Whilst we make every effort that material available for downloading from this site is not contaminated, we are unable to give any warranty whatsoever that such material will be free from infection and/or viruses.


6.1 We do not accept any liability for loss.
6.2 We do not accept any responsibility for your inability to use our site.
6.3 We do not accept any responsibility for gazumping, gazundering, aborted or withdrawn transaction whatever the circumstances.
6.4 We do not accept any responsibility for death or personal injury.
6.5 When you contact a estate agent, private vendors, developers and/or businesses or individuals who have been instructed by vendors to act for them. or purchaser you do so at your own risk and cost. We do not accept any liability for subsequent communication that you receive directly.
6.6 We do not accept any liability for property transactions conducted by using this site.
6.7 We do not accept any responsibility or liability for loss of reputation, loss of profit, loss of business or any indirect, consequential, punitive loss, damage to property and things, costs and expenses.


7.1 We reserve the right to contact you either by the email or home address provided on registration. It will be deemed that this information is correct and therefore all correspondences by us are binding.
7.2 All correspondences shall be directed by email to customer.support@yannups.com.

Customer feedback and quality of service.

8.1 We relish customer feedback and will endeavour to deal with your enquiry quickly. Please email us or write to our registered office.


9.1 We may amend these Terms and Conditions without notice. We therefore recommend you return to this page on a regular basis.
9.2 Any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English law. Privacy Act. Data Protection Act 1998. We are committed to protecting your privacy.
9.3 By using Yannups you agree to your information being passed on to advertisers, private individuals using our site, our own marketing and promotional material, and to provide information and services to you that we feel may benefit your experience of using this site.
9.4 You may suspend your account at any time in My Yannups
9.5 We retain access to all information that we have collected. You may request for this information to be deleted via email or post.
9.6 Registered users of this site may update their personal details at any time via My Yannups.


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Thank you for taking time to read these Terms and Conditions. If you would like to comment on any of the above terms and conditions please email us at customer.support@yannups.com.