Frequently asked Questions

"What is the value of my property?"

If you have instructed an Estate Agency or Property Professional to help you with the sale of your property, they will have a wealth of knowledge, local experience and expertise to calculate the correct asking price of your home. They know their business extremely well and will try to achieve the best price possible. This is their business, so if you do use one, make sure they know your area. Ask questions. We live in a competitive world but over-valuing by some, to entice you to sign an exclusive contract, could be detrimental. With Hybrid or Fixed fees Estate Agents all competing against one another you may sometimes question whose interest they are really looking after. Use an Estate Agent with a proven track record, that has local knowledge, listens to your requirements and importantly, one you like. There are great agents out there.

If you are a private owner there is a huge amount of information on the internet that will help you establish the present value for your property. Check other properties that have sold locally. There are a number of property portals which offer free valuation. Their information is coming from the land registry which you can also use. It’s a free service. See Useful links.

Paying for a surveyor to give you an up to date, written market appraisal and a survey of your property will give you confidence in your asking price and will help with your negotiations with a buyer later on. It might bring to light also some things you should fix prior to selling. There is a cost but spending a small amount of money will help you in the long run and might make you pleasantly surprised. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) can recommend a local surveyor. .

"Am I confident I can achieve the asking price?"

Getting the price right is paramount. Over-pricing your property can be unproductive. There is no calculator for house valuations. We all believe in the UK that the value of our homes will increase. Nobody remembers the property crashes of yesteryear. If you are looking to purchase another property and find one you would like to buy, make sure the one you want to sell is priced in today's market. It’s a stressful process. Talk to your Estate Agent or Property Professional. This is their business. Nine times out of ten the person who buys your property lives around the corner.