"Have I done enough research to establish my property price?"

Information is king. We all roughly know what our properties are worth. Paying for a surveyor to give you up to date written market appraisal of your home may help your negotiations at a later stage. Check other properties that have sold locally. There are a number of property portals that now offer this service for free. Their information is coming from the land registry, so why not go directly and do it yourself. See Useful links.

You may wish to have a valuation from your local estate agents. You might have already done so. Valuations are normally free and without obligation. You may decide to instruct an estate agent to assist you in the sale of your property. You will however need to pay the agent’s commission if they conclude the transaction or if they introduce a purchaser who is ready, able and willing to purchase your property and there is a clause in their terms and conditions that states this. Read their terms and conditions very carefully before instructing their services.

"Terminating your contract with an estate agency"

If you wish to terminate your contract with an estate agent you may need to do so in writing. Read the appropriate clause or request their termination policy and terminate your agreement according to the agents terms and conditions. Nothing could be simpler.

"Am I confident I can achieve the asking price?"

Getting the price right is paramount. Over-pricing your property can be unproductive. There is no calculator for house valuations. Yannups advice is to ask everyone you believe will be able to give you a true valuation at the time you wish to sell. An estate agent’s trick is to over value your property in order to win the instruction. This can create a stagnant market. Remember greed sometimes comes with a price!