Preparing Your Home

A little effort could be worth thousands of pounds, another term of school fees or that holiday you always wanted.

Put your buyer’s hat on and walk through your home. Buyers normally make their minds up in the first five minutes.

Our top tips:

1. Space is a premium, storage a must. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, “Less is more”.

2. Deep cleansing facial and mini makeover, your home may need one.

3. Light your home like a Turner painting.

4. Smells. Allure your buyer with the sweet smell of success.

5. First impressions count. Your entrance should say a thousand words.

6. Gardens and outside spaces. Make your al fresco areas blooming beautiful.

Property Details

If you have instructed an Estate Agent or Property Professional they will write the property details for you. However, why not help them by writing down some of the best points of your property. If you are publishing your property yourself be honest and factual. It is very important that you do not make any false statements. There is a disclaimer at the end of your property details. Yannups cannot be held responsible for false statements. Please read our terms and conditions.

Important Notice: You need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before marketing your property. Your Estate Agent or Property Professional will do this for you. You might already have one. If you do not you may publish your property online immediately. Yannups suggests putting Band G until you obtain your certificate. However, all reasonable efforts MUST be made by you to obtain an EPC within seven days from publication. You have a maximum of 28 days after which Trading Standards may choose to serve a penalty notice of £200 for residential property. EPC's are valid for ten years, so you might already have one. Don't forget to acquire an EPC for your property as quickly as possible. Click here to find a professional assessor in your area. Email or call a professional assessor without delay. Yannups cannot be held responsible if you don’t.