Buying Guide

Buying couldn’t be easier. Discover the power of Yannups. Simple, smart and safe.

Using Yannups you can view, make offers, negotiate and buy real estate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Register with Yannups to book an appointment to view. It's quick and easy. Simply search for your new home on Yannups and make your appointment via My Yannups system.

Making an appointment:

Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an invitation. You need to bring this invitation with you to the viewing, along with the valid credit card confirming your identity. Just think of it as your flight boarding card. If you do not bring this information, you may be refused entry. Our advice is to take someone with you. Four eyes are better than two and you can discuss the property afterwards.

Preparing for the viewing:

Have you made a list of your requirements? Sometimes writing down a wish list will help you to focus on what is important. Don't be shy to ask questions. Getting to know your seller and being polite will help if you decide to make an offer in the future. Ask about council charges and other things you feel could be useful in helping you to make your decision.

What is included in the sale?

Normally, properties are sold with fixtures and fittings, kitchens and bathrooms. Chandeliers or other lighting and chattels may be excluded. Ask what’s included. Additional items may be purchased separately, or included in the asking price by negotiation.

After the viewing:

Take a walk around the area. You may know the area well or it might be totally new to you. A quick stroll around afterwards to familiarise yourself might be prudent and fun. Think about your commute to work, school run, nearest park, sports clubs, pubs and shops.

Unless you absolutely fall head over heels with the property our advice would be to not make an offer there and then.

Once you have decided on the property you wish to purchase simply make your offer via My Yannups. You will be supported all the way by Yannups’ carefully designed systems, each step is comprehensive and easy. Make sure you add as much information as possible and ensure you can afford the stamp duty and associated costs. Do not over bid.

Once you have agreed the price you may need to add more information to enable you to complete your Memorandum of Sale which you will receive from the Estate Agent, Property Professional or directly from the Property Owner. Do so ASAP. You may ask for a period of exclusivity for due diligence. No one wants to be gazumped.

Once you have completed your Memorandum of Sale it will be automatically sent to the Estate Agent, Property Professional and/or Property Owners and to your solicitors via My Yannups. Send funds to your solicitor as soon as possible. You are paying your solicitor to help you, so remember to help him/her/them by replying to questions as quickly as possible. If you have a property to sell make sure you are on the market with Yannups. Ask your solicitor to request the deeds from your mortgage company or send the deeds as soon as possible.

You have agreed terms:

Congratulations. Now let's get started. Time is of the essence. Arrange your survey. Via My Yannups, "BOOK A VISIT" asking for convenient dates and times for a surveyors' appointment. Give all necessary information to your solicitor as quickly as possible. Keep all parties communicating. Remember you are entering into a relationship with the seller and both of you have a common goal.

Until you exchange contracts there is nothing binding you to purchase the property and nothing binding the seller to sell, expect in Scotland where your lawyer will make a formal offer on your behalf and once accepted there maybe penalties, if you withdraw. Follow your solicitor's instructions. Be diligent.

Yannups does not have a feedback or a comments page for you to express your opinion once you have viewed a property like some other Hybrid Estate Agents. Yannups view is everything is relative. "What one person values, another may think worthless".

Let’s change the way we sell and buy property with forever…