Selling Guide

Selling Guide

This guide is for home owners who want to sell their property privately. If you instruct an Estate Agency or Property Professional ask their advice. Selling property is their business and they will have many years of professional experience, expertise and local knowledge.

Yannups is a complete intuitive framework within which you will easily manoeuvre through the stages of selling your home. Supported all the way by Yannups’ carefully designed systems, each step is comprehensive and effortless.

First things first - Energy Performance certificate (EPC):

You need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before marketing your property. EPC's are valid for ten years, so you might already have one. You can publish your property immediately without one and in this case Yannups would suggest putting Band G until you obtain your certificate. Click here to find a qualified EPC professional assessor. Book an appointment. It's that simple.


Notify your solicitor of your intention to sell and instruct them to apply to your mortgage company for your deeds. If you own the property outright, you may have the deeds in a drawer or safe. Search for a conveyancing solicitor online here. Wherever the deeds are, your solicitor will need them. Being one-step ahead will help you enormously.


Getting the price right is important and not difficult. You may already have a good idea of what your property is worth, check for free at the land registry and other property portals in order to see what has sold in your area and how your price compares. Most purchasers will instruct a mortgage assessor, who will give a current mortgage valuation. You may wish to pre-empt this by getting your own surveyor’s valuation, this can help you in further negotiations, especially gazundering. There is no exact calculation or science for the valuation of property. The price per square foot is a good starting point. The most important thing is you are confident with the price you will be asking.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or your solicitor can direct you to a local professional surveyor


Most of us are taking more photos than ever before. You can take great photographs of your property using your smartphone. You may decide to instruct a professional photographer. The choice is yours and you know which is the best way forward for you.

Our top tips:

Take photos using your smart phone or camera once you have prepared your home. Photograph when the natural light is best. Turn the lights on. Your smart phone may benefit from a wide-angle attachment which is inexpensive.

If your camera or your smart phone has HDR (High-Dynamic-Range), turn it on. Place your camera or smart phone on a steady surface or use a tripod. Choose a corner of each room. You can upload 16 pictures to fully represent your home.

Upload, rotate the order, add or delete pictures at any time. The first picture will appear as the main picture, so make this the best representation of your home. If someone else has taken pictures of your property you must ask permission or buy the rights to use them, as you will not own the copyright. Do not photoshop your pictures apart from highlighting or enhancing them.

Floor plans:

Floor plans can be a useful marketing tool though are not essential to publish your property. They give potential buyers the opportunity to discuss the interior of your property. There are several companies producing floor plans and online companies where you can create professional floor plans yourself. All you need is a tape measure. A laser measure is quicker and can be purchased online or from any good DIY store. You may wish to employ someone to create floor plans for you, or you might want to have a go yourself. Make sure the information and measurements you give are correct if you are doing them yourself.

Yannups cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies.


There are two sections for you to write your property description, short and long.

The short description should be punchy and give a quick overview (250 characters max). The main description gives you the opportunity to tell the whole story. You know the property better than anyone else. Highlight the attributes. People and search engines love narratives and each and every page of Yannups has been optimised for this purpose. Add interesting information; proximity to local transport, schools, shops, airports and other points of interest, all help you sell your property.

Examples of short descriptions:

1: An interior designed, freehold, three-bedroom house with a sunny private west-facing garden. This unique property is located in a quiet street close to Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 and has direct links to the City of London via the Central line.

2: A charming period 5 bedroom house with land and stables is located within walking distance to a pretty village and a short drive to transport and rail links to Oxford. The estate is ideally located to private and award winning states schools.

Once you have completed your property details publish them for the world to see.

You can also publish your property on Facebook and Linkedin. You should invite as many people as possible to view your property on Yannups. Your buyer might be someone you know or friends of a friend. In some areas, homeowners receive letters through their doors from private individuals looking to buy. If you receive one of these letters why not send them your property link?

By publishing your property and spreading the word, you may receive enquiries from Estate Agents looking to help you with your sale. Be aware you may be liable to pay a fee if you sign an agreement with them.

Please be aware that Yannups monitors all property details. We reserve the right to remove any listing which contravene our terms and conditions. Please read our T&C's for further information.


Our booking system allows you to publish your preferred viewing times and buyers to directly request times. Appointments can be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Confirming appointments or suggesting alternative times is quick and easy. Once a viewing is booked both parties receive an invitation with the pertinent details, telephone numbers and the last four numbers of an active credit card of the buyer.

You must check these details before you allow someone to enter your home. The Yannups system is designed to allow you enough information to validate the buyer. On arrival check their invitation and credit card details. You will have the proposed buyer’s telephone number so you can call to verify beforehand if you so wish. You reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who arrives without an invitation and corresponding credit card. We recommend conducting the viewing with your partner or a friend where possible.

Its now up to you to conduct the viewing. You know your property better than anyone else. Bread baking in the oven or coffee bubbling on the stove may be a nice aroma however the information you provide will help potential buyer tremendously. Answer any questions as honestly as possible. Do not mislead the buyer. Leave them to collect their thoughts and wander around. The Yannups system offers an hour for each viewing. If you think they need more time suggest a double booking.


You will be supported every step of the way through your Yannups account. Every eventuality, whether you choose to accept, decline or invite a purchaser to make their best and final offers is catered for in My Yannups, making the whole process easy.

Once you have agreed the price you will complete your Memorandum of Sale via My Yannups. Send the completed Memorandum of Sale to the seller for them to complete and then this will be automatically sent to the solicitors of both parties. You are paying your solicitor to help you, so remember to help him/her/them by replying to questions as quickly as possible.

You have agreed terms:

Congratulations. Now let's get started. Time is of the essence. Give all necessary information to your solicitor as quickly as possible. Keep all parties communicating. Remember you are entering into a relationship with the buyer and both of you have a common goal.

Until you exchange contracts there is nothing binding you to sell your property and nothing binding the buyer to buy, expect in Scotland, where your lawyers will make a formal contract and once accepted there maybe penalties if you withdraw. Follow your solicitor's instructions. Be diligent.

Yannups does not have a feedback or a comments page for buyers to express their opinions once they have viewed a property like some other hybrid estate agents. We believe everything is relative.

"What one person values, another may think worthless".

Let’s change the way we Sell and Buy property with forever…

Important notice:

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). All reasonable efforts MUST be made by you to obtain an EPC within seven days from publication. You have a maximum of 28 days after which Trading Standards may choose to serve a penalty notice of £200 for residential property. Email or call a professional assessor without delay. Yannups cannot be held responsible if you don’t.